What People Are Saying About Boston's Best Facial

“Cannot say enough good things about Brad Duncan Skin Care! I'm so glad I found a high caliber skin care salon with an honest, helpful staff and comfortable setting. Already looking forward to my next appointment!”

Caroline M.



“I decided to go to Brad Duncan's because of the great reviews on Yelp and its proximity to me (it's a short walk from where I live in the South End), and I'm so glad I did. Everyone there is really friendly, and Emily is absolutely amazing.

I'd gotten facials before, but they always left my face really red; Emily's facials are soothing and though she does a thorough extraction, my face doesn't hurt at all or look too red afterwards. She talks you through what she's doing and recommends products to buy, though you don't have to. However, after slowly switching to the products she's recommended, I've found that I can use less of the dermatologist prescribed harsh medication.

Love this place! Highly recommend if you're looking for a good facial and a relaxing experience.”

Nancy C.


A friend of mine got me a gift certificate to Brad Duncan, she knows how I love facials. I have been to many, many spas over the years, I am 51 years old and pretty much obsessed with skin care. I've done a lot of research on my own and after going to many so called skin experts/spas none of them will give you the facial that you will receive from Brad Duncan. went in thinking it will be the typical facial and it was anything but. My Esthetician was Brittany. She is extremely knowledgable when it comes to what kind of treatment your skin needs. Her services were amazing, and it was refreshing how honest she was. The equipment they use are the most updated devices I've seen yet in spas. Everyone who is serious about their skin should try Brad Duncan Skin Care at least once to experience what a truly wonderful facial is really about.

Kim S.



Nothing compares to a facial at Brad Duncan! Relaxing, effective, soothing, indulgent -- all good things. Brad and his team (specifically Dane and Brianne!) are amazing at what they do but also the warmest group of people. You'll leave with glowing, happy skin but also a relaxed mind! Can't say enough great things.

Natalie K.



“I am obsessed with Brad Duncan Skin Care. I just moved to Boston and was desperately trying to find the best facial here in town, and I absolutely did! I am extremely picky and extremely careful with my skin and I had the best facial ever. They are extremely knowledgeable and gentle with my skin and answered all 100 questions I had. Also, the products they sell there are great. I love buying skin products and they have great brands. Both are results driven and have done wonderful things to my skin! I am so excited I found Brad Duncan Skin Care!”




“This place is excellent. I have been seeing Brad for my skincare needs for over a year, mainly in preparation of my wedding back in May. I have hyper pigmentation on my forehead, and through Brad Duncan facials and treatments my forehead has significantly lightened up, and my skin has definitely improved. I felt amazing and confident on my wedding day, and I am so thankful to Brad for his excellent work. They also don't push products on you and all of the perks (great foot massage!) are included with the facial which is very welcomed and a breath of fresh air. If you do need products, they are incredibly knowledgable and realistic about what works and their products are fantastic.

This is a wonderful small business and they really do fantastic work. All of the employees here (hi Dane!) are such a pleasure to work with and have been great to get to know. I just recently moved to San Francisco and am so sad to have to find someone else! Though when I visit Boston I may just have to go to Brad!"

Caroline D.



“Three months later and my skin still looks and feels amazing. Thank you Brianne!"

Lee L.



 “There is no one -- no one! -- like Brad Duncan. I moved to Boston from New York and started having trouble with my skin: redness, dryness, general awfulness, fine lines popping out. Brad calmed everything down and generally restored my healthy glow -- to such an extent that total strangers asked me what products I used on my skin to make it so perfect. (Meanwhile, Brad didn't try to sell me anything -- he actually said the products I was using were perfect, but talked me through things like diet, exercise, stress levels, supplements, etc., to help me figure out why my skin was a bit of a mess.)

I've had facials at tons of different spas -- some great, some awful -- but nothing, truly nothing, was on the level of Brad. He uses all different methodologies -- micro-current, blue lights, etc. -- and the results are incredible. Go!"

Anya T.



“I really look forward to each visit as they are so relaxing and calming and whenever I leave my skin feels so hydrated and clear. I used to go to various Newbury Street spas but got tired of them constantly trying to upcharge me with specialty add-ons and really pushing their products, as well as leaving me for 10 or 15 minutes while the mask is on. At Brad Duncan Skin Care you pay for the amount of time you book, which is genius. And you get a fantastic foot massage while you're 'masking'.”

Julie M.



Emily is amazing! I'm so happy I came with my mom before my wedding! My skin definitely came out with a glow :-) Totally worth it!"

Estefania L.



“Tonight was my first visit and all I can say is Amazing! They are so warm and friendly but yet so incredibly talented. They explained to me in depth what my skin was going through and didn't make me at all feel like I was doing anything wrong, they just had helpful suggestions. I didn't feel at all pressured about products and bought everything suggested. I can't wait to see how they work! After leaving my skin was already glowing from the extractions, the serums and all the other magic that was put on my skin! Worth every penny and then some! I cannot say enough great things. I can't wait until my next appointment!"

Ashley S.



“The men's facial I had with Brianne was excellent, terrific location, nice facility and great staff. They know what they are doing!”

Ed C.



“I live in Los Angeles and come to visit my family once a year in Boston. Last year my mother got me a facial with Brad which was hands-down the best facial I have ever had -- better than any I have had in LA or when I lived in NYC. So, when I came this year, it was the first and only thing I knew I wanted. My skin looks wonderful and Brad is so thoughtful and thorough. I cannot recommend him enough. It is worth every penny.”

Emma J.



“I've been getting facials for about 15 years and have tried places all over Boston, but if you are looking for a luxurious experience that actually gives results, Brad Duncan Skin Care cannot be beat."

Liz N.

“This place is a hidden gem! I have been searching forever for a place that was professional and knowledgeable about problem skin that also valued and understood how to create a relaxing spa experience. This place does it just right. My skin looks and feels 100 times better since going there.”

Libby H.


“I had a facial with Brianne and she was great. My skin looked great after the appointment and it was really relaxing (which never happens to me). She seemed very knowledgeable.”

Anabelle D.


“As a travel editor for EDGE Publications, I get facials at high-end spas and luxury resorts around the world very frequently, so I've seen nearly every kind of facial, peel and other process. After paying him a visit this week it's quite clear that Brad Duncan is a true expert in his field. Highly recommended.”

Jason S.


“Wow! I had my first facial today, and I feel and look years younger (really!). I found Brad in Boston magazine. The facial felt great, as did the massage. I left with loads of hints to keep up my skin care, and unlike many of the places I have been to in the past, there wasn't the 'big pressure' to buy an armful of stuff for home.”

Margot D.



Brad Duncan is the best around. I started going to Brad as part of my “bridal regime” which has now turned into a monthly treat that I die for! I feel like a million bucks when I leave him, and my skin always looks super taut and smooth.”

Liz S.


“This place is amazing. The difference between my first facial and my skin now is unbelievable. My skin has gotten better and better, healthier and healthier with every visit to Brad Duncan Skin Care. I'm ecstatic to say that my skin is smooth and so much more even.”

Bettina S.


“I wasn't prepared for how wonderful my skin would look after all the extractions! After most facials at other establishments, I leave with my skin looking red and blotchy, not after Brad. I always leave feeling fantastic!”

Cherish D.


“I'm so glad that I finally found a great facialist in Boston who has so much knowledge about skin care. My second facial was just as great as the first! I even walked through a snowstorm to keep my appointment!”

Jessica C.


“I have been a client of Brad Duncan Skin Care for several years. My skin was so out of control before I came here, I had dry skin, acne and discolorations all at once and I tried anything and everything that I was told would help. I would regularly get facials all over Boston, but never found anyone that was able to properly diagnose me and put me on a working skin care program that treated all of my ailments. Since coming here, my skin has remained clear and actually looks better than it did throughout my 20's. Having clear skin has been such a gift. I no longer have to spend as much money or time trying to get my skin to look acceptable.”

Julia C.


“Best facial I’ve ever had. Brad is knowledgeable about skin conditions and uses top-quality products. I always leave looking better than when I came.”

Amelia M.



“It's no exaggeration that Brad is amazing at what he does. I've been seeing him for the past three years on a monthly basis and I am never disappointed with the results! Brad Duncan Skin Care really is second to none.”

Janet Y.


“When it came time to prep for my wedding, I knew I needed to find someone good. Thankfully I found Brad. Not only did I get a top notch facial, but the experience itself is unmatched. I left with a beautiful glow, my skin felt incredible to the touch, and I actually had people ask what I've been doing to make my skin look so nice.”

Chandra W.