See why the press calls our South End day spa the place to go for complete skin rejuvenation. Our award-winning skin care spa offers the best facial treatments and spa-quality skin care products by Boston's most trusted estheticians.


The 15 Best Spas in Boston

Winter 2017

Brad Duncan Skin Care

This is where every in-the-know Boston professional goes for her skin care. Brad Duncan is a Los Angeles transplant and longtime devotee to the Epicuren skincare line; one look at his flawless visage and you'll understand why. All facial treatments, whether with Duncan or his staff, are customized to a client's particular needs (peels are often suggested) and come complete with a soothing foot rub. Back treatments and eyebrow shaping are also on the menu for those seeking a more integrated experience.

Time Out Boston

6 Boston Area Skincare Experts on How to Revamp Your Routine for Fall

Fall 2016

The Fix: Hydrating Serums and Vitamin C

As summer turns to fall we start to lose much of the humidity in the air, which can leave our skin feeling, and looking, dehydrated. Try adding a hyaluronic acid serum to your skin care routine to draw water molecules from the air and help them bind to your skin. I recommend Epicuren Moisture Surge. If you don’t already have a product in your skincare routine that contains Vitamin C and additional antioxidants, fall is a good time to add one to combat damage from excess sun exposure, and free radicals, that can peak during the summer months. Environ Antioxidant Defence Creme is a lightweight cream that can be used on it’s own, or mixed with your current moisturizer, to repair environmental damage.

Boston Common


The 12 Best Spas in New England

Winter 2015

Try a customized facial in a laid-back South End setting. Duncan's LED light therapy, called a "non-surgical facial lift," claims to improve the texture of skin and smooth out wrinkles (starting at $150 for 60 minutes).

Boston Magazine

Fresh Faced: Brad Duncan Skin Care

Winter 2015

I had been wanting to try Brad Duncan Skin Care for a long while. Through my work at Follain, I’ve recognized Brad Duncan as a highly-regarded destination for facials. I couldn’t wait to experience one for myself!

I met with Brianne, who was so helpful and guided me through the facial, always ensuring that I was comfortable and understood what she was doing. Quite honestly, one of my favorite parts was being warm! Winter has hit Boston (hello, snow!) and lying atop a warm bed was amazing. My feet were put in a little foot warmer, too – heavenly.

I expressed some of my concerns to Brianne, and she was so respectful of my sensitive skin, never pushing a product. Everyone’s skin and skin needs are unique. I love that the team at Brad Duncan asks a lot of questions to understand your skin and your routine. Their approach is customized and intended to work for you specifically.

The Boston Day Book

Best Facial

Best of Boston 2014

Brad Duncan's laid-back demeanor puts you at ease, while his gentle holistic approach revives your tired physiognomy. He'll give expert suggestions on how to keep your skin healthy and fresh for years to come without the uncomfortable product push you get in most spas and salons.

Boston Magazine

Staycations From A to Z

Winter 2014

P is for Pamper Yourself:  In the South End, Brad Duncan Skin Care offers facials that have been praised in Allure magazine and elsewhere.

Globe Magazine

Best Facial

Best of Boston 2013

Brad Duncan is the best kind of aesthetician. He isn't an alarmist, he doesn't push product, and, as years of sun damage and bad living dissolve under gentle fruit enzymes, he contributes just enough useful information and amiable chatter, even suggesting an excellent derm from his exclusive address book. Further ingenious use of downtime: the stress-defusing foot massage while your mineral mask sets.

Boston Magazine

Summer Skin Tips

Summer 2013

From Brianne Camillo at Brad Duncan Skin Care: Exfoliate your body regularly, especially during those hot summer days. It's also a must before a spray tan to give you that natural sun kissed skin! Be sure to use a broad spectrum sunscreen to protect you from both UVA and UVB rays, reapplying every four hours to keep you fully protected regardless of what SPF number you're using.

Scene Magazine

Boston's Best Places for Facials

Fall 2012

Of all of the downsides to Boston’s infamous New England weather, the effect on your skin might be one of the biggest. The dry air, frigid winds and plummeting temperatures can really do a number on your face no matter how well you take care of your skin. Regular facials can make up for a lot of the damage that winter’s weather can cause. But not every facial is created equal. If you’re serious about your skin and want to do everything possible to help it beat the winter blues, look no further than Brad Duncan Skin Care. Brad Duncan takes a complete approach to skin care. You get the best facial, the best follow-up products and the information you need to really tackle any skin care issues you may be concerned with. 

CBS Boston

The List

October/November 2012

- Boston Common Magazine

Boston Spa Getaway

Summer 2012

The Boston getaway is not complete, however, without the one-of-a-kind spa treatments from Brad Duncan Skin Care, located in Boston's historic South End. Well-known as one of the finest, the spa has been named “Best of Boston” by Boston magazine in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011, “Boston’s Best” by The Improper Bostonian in 2007 and 2011, as well as the best facial in Boston by Allure magazine in 2011. They take a unique approach to complete skin care, personalizing every individual’s basic necessities. Guests will enjoy the truly one-of-a-kind facials, ones unlike anything found anywhere else.

- Couturelite

Boston's Best Facial

Best of Beauty 2011

They decongest virtually every pore.

- Allure

Best Brow Shaping

Best of Boston 2011

Dana Chasen likes to compare eyebrow grooming to the art of bonsai, and her disciplined approach to creating perfect shapes is why skin care pro Brad Duncan tapped this standout makeup artist and clinical aesthetician to join his staff last fall. After deploying the gentlest of hard waxes, she draws on a decade's worth of eyebrow-refining experience to tweeze away strays and smooth contours. All this in less than half an hour.

- Boston Magazine

Best Facial

Boston's Best 2011

Duncan's treatments are “no-fluff”, results-oriented, age-defying marvels. A California native, Duncan is a certified specialist in Epicuren, a line of enzyme-based corrective and anti-aging skin care products originally used by doctors to treat burn scars. Tools in hand, Duncan gently coaxes skin to its healthy best. With a business expansion in the works, we predict many more miracles in this blemish healer's future.

The Improper Bostonian

Most Exciting Upsizing

Fall 2011

Last month, Duncan unveiled the results of a long-awaited renovation. Gone are the Buddha statues and vague smell of incense, replaced with a streamlined style incorporating a contemporary but still cozy feel. What hasn't changed is Duncan's commitment to using only the best products.

- Stuff Magazine

The Fine Art of Fall Dressing

Fall 2011

Great skin comes from enzyme-based detoxifying treatments like the Rejuvenating Facial at Brad Duncan Skin Care.

- The Improper Bostonian

Hot Expansion

Summer 2011

We're excited to see this California transplant set down even deeper roots here: Duncan is about to expand his business. We're thrilled to see Brad get bigger and, we bet, even better.

- Stuff Magazine

Best Facial

Best of Boston 2010

Duncan's skin-care mecca focuses on anti-aging corrective facials that leave skin clearer and tighter. He specializes in intense (though surprisingly painless) pore extractions and enzyme-based exfoliation. He's also friendly, serene, and possesses the type of complexion we've envied since ninth grade.

- Boston Magazine

Putting Your Best Face Forward

January 2010

One of the best things you can do for your skin is to get a facial. Professional facials provide you with a deep exfoliation, it's the best way to get your skin on the right track. Then all products you apply will be more effective. Most take about an hour - depending on how extravagant you're feeling. Try the perfect-for-winter hydrating facial at Brad Duncan Skin Care.

- The Boston Globe

Best Facial Runner-Up

Best of Boston 2009

- Boston Magazine

The “So Good You Could Eat It” Award

2009 Beauty Awards

It's always a plus when we can pronounce the ingredients list of our facial treatment. We're practically ready to make a snack out of the Superfood Facial. The treatment utilizes a series of yummy-sounding creams and cleansers by Body Deli.

- Stuff Magazine

In Business

July 2009

Duncan is known for customizing facial needs for his clients with natural ingredients. The facials themselves are an extraordinary experience.

- South End News

A Raw Deal

April 2009

Keep your skin ripe for the picking with Brad Duncan's Superfood facial. Duncan customizes each treatment with a new-to-Boston, all-natural line that uses certified organic ingredients. Every step contained naturally occurring amino acids, minerals, and enzymes. Most products are so fresh they have to be refrigerated. Plus, the sweet smells will have you totally blissed out.

- Daily Candy

Best Facial

Best of Boston 2008

This California import's gentle voice and gentler touch have an almost soporific effect on clients, who come for a freshening-up but leave with a full-on rejuvenation.

- Boston Magazine

Face the Future

June 2008

Gazing into her crystal ball, Madame Carroll lifts her scarf-covered head in a dramatic sweep:  Your skin is a wreck. Only a Crystalline facial from skin guru Brad Duncan can save you. He uses enzyme-based products by Epicuren, such as a gemstone mask made from microionized crystals set in bentonite clay. The full facial involves a lengthy cleanse, plumping mask, and hand and foot massage. Your skin will tighten with an intense but energizing sensation while the mask sets. It will revitalize that wretched future face I see.

- Daily Candy

Best Facial

Boston's Best 2007

A literal miracle worker, Duncan is a recent California transplant who has quickly earned legions of fans here. Devotees rave about the results of his gentle, relaxing facials. And face it: results are all that count. Although he looks 25, Duncan has years of experience (his youthful appearance is a testament to his skills). He's extensively trained and uses almost exclusively Epicuren products, a line that was originally developed to treat burn patients and turned into a consumer product once doctors noticed how dramatically it improved skin's appearance. Apparently, the secret to its success is in the delivery system. While most beauty products rely on animal or plant enzymes to deliver nutrients, Epicuren has successfully mimicked human enzymes, so that skin recognizes it as it's own. One client swears he gets compliments almost daily on his complexion. When it comes to facials, Duncan is hands down the champ.

The Improper Bostonian