Skin Care Product Packaging

It's important to understand how packaging can influence the effectiveness and shelf life of your skin care products. Almost all professional grade facial treatment products come in airless pump bottles or light-blocking tubes. Unfortunately, many of the product lines sold in department stores and pharmacies are still packaging even their most expensive products in jars.

Once a jar is opened, all of its contents are exposed to the elements, and the beneficial ingredients you're paying for begin to deteriorate. Antioxidants like Vitamin A, C & E quickly become unstable and inactive when exposed to air. And unlike airless pump bottles, something must be dipped into a jar to dispense the product, most likely a finger. The companies that produce these jar packaged facial creams account for the resulting microbial invasion by loading up their products with preservatives. What you end up with is an expensive jar full of preservatives and the inactive remains of rejuvenating and anti-aging ingredients.

Why not skip the expensive packaging and try Environ’s powerful vitamin A & C based AVST and C-Quence product lines. Packaged in airless pump bottles of course!

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